The Institute for the Study of Religion is a non-governmental and non-profit association, founded in September 2017, to prove and promote the religion based on Bible teaching, and to validate the authenticity of the Bible and biblical continuity of original Christianity, as well as study of other religious and ideological concepts, by means of connecting religion and science. The Institute for the Study of Religion continues the work of former Institute for Religious Research, which was founded in 2012, so the name change was only of a formal-legal nature.

Biblical religion is a concept based on the revelation of the Holy Scriptures and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, historically and scientifically documented in the scriptures that are united in the Bible, which is considered as the authentic word of God. The Bible is the main and indisputable source of inspired and accurate information that is recognized as God’s revelation and therefore the original biblical religion is based on what is written in the Bible.

The Institute doesn’t belong to any religious organizations and its founders do not promote any church, sect, cult or any religious entity in the world. But that does not mean that we do not value, appreciate and inherit the positive religious and human heritage of the past.

The Institute represents an ideology that has practically measurable results in improving a person on the individual, family and social level. However, it is not concerned with enrolling or recruiting people into our organization, but primarily with public theological and general education and information in the field of knowledge that we believe are most neglected or manipulated – i.e., promotion of biblical truths without promoting a church/ministry/guruism… All publications are aimed at objective and impartial research and fact-finding, validation or disclosure errors of various concepts, but never in malicious intent towards individuals or groups, which could be qualified as “hate speech”. However, we do not claim to be neutral, our platform and standards are based on a biblical worldview.

The ideological beliefs of the founders arose as a result of many years of independent study and determination of facts from religion, science, history, philosophy and other fields of research. All the works are public and transparent, which means that what is known to us – it is shared with others. We promote the highest ethical values and freedom of conscience as an inalienable right of every individual.

The Institute’s website contains numerous researches, analyzes, publications, articles, books, video and audio materials that can be of great benefit to all people on their way to discovering the greatest truths and mysteries of life. The views of various authors on the site do not necessarily have to be those of the Institute.

The site covers and addresses key topics for human life, starting with evidence of the existence of God, the Creator of the universe, planet Earth and man, as well as evidence of the authenticity of the Bible as the authentic word of God. Visitors can learn about the most important biblical truths, evidence for the central figure in the Bible – Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His life and teachings, God’s plan to save man from sin and death, prophecies and future events, antichrist, secret societies, occultism, health reform, etc.…

Biblical truths answer the most important questions of mankind – how human came into being, what is the meaning of life, why do we die, what are the causes of evil and suffering in the world, what are the laws and principles by which one should live, who rules the world, the greatest frauds in history and today, false religions, what is the future of the planet Earth and humanity…

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